Strategic Plan
  • E1: Technology and innovation
  • E2: Collaboration, networking and specialization
  • E3: Financing, promotion, image and society
  • E4: Resource optimization and training
  • E5: Internationalization, new markets and commercial strategies
  • E6: Strategy, competitiveness and management

  Specific orientations  

Innovation in the organization management. Organizational, operational and technological dynamism that will manage changes within the organization, oriented to face the new demands in a highly competitive market that is developed in a globalised context.

Excellence. To obtain the best whenever possible. It serves to the following: To adapt quickly to the changes; To be competitive in the development areas; To learn from mistakes and to assume new challenges; To reorient the management of the resource towards the objectives; To work in equipment; To improve the cooperation and the understanding of each member. ACIC will base its policy of excellence in the following elements: Knowledge (foundation and foundation of the excellence); Quality (in all the senses); Serious commitments; Common interests; and Vision of Future.

Networking organisation. Network of capacities and resources provided by members (professionals, universities, R&D institutes, and enterprises)= set of dynamic, flexible and complex relations between members that reach limits inside and outside the organisation, identifying the rules to share common interests and expectations, and where members exchange all kind of benefits, not only information, and process massive information to generate knowledge, and through efficiency provide new innovative products and services, or generate alliances and collaboration.

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